The Student Hospitality Leadership Development Program (SHLDP) helps current UCLA Housing & Hospitality (H&H) student team members increase their knowledge of the many departments within the H&H Division, with a strong focus on hospitality. The goal of the program is to increase student team member engagement with H&H, as well as to make participants aware of potential hospitality careers at UCLA and beyond.

Main Program Components Include:

  • Info Sessions: Students will learn about each department and its parallels within the hospitality industry.
  • Personal Development Sessions: Students will take career and personality assessments, and learn how to apply the results to their own development.
  • Mentoring: Each student will have a career staff mentor who will help guide their development and provide valuable resources.
  • Job Shadowing: After learning about departments, students will have an opportunity to work in areas of interest to get hands-on experience.


  • Sessions will be held on Friday afternoons during first half of Winter Quarter
  • Mentoring and Job Shadowing sessions to be scheduled on an individual basis thereafter


Click below to view or download our fact sheet, program flyer or application.

Applications due Monday, November 4, 2019 by 12 PM!

Ready to submit your application? Have questions for us? Please email shldp@ha.ucla.edu.


Please email shldp@ha.ucla.edu, and include your name, department, and preferred method of contact.